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Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American real estate magnate,
television personality, politician and author. He is the chairman and president of …

Trump Model Management

Trump Model Management is a modeling agency founded by billionaire Donald Trump in 1999. Trump founded the boutique agency, and still owns and operates

trump-time-to-take-back-the-countryTrump: Time to ‘take back’ the country
from miniatureafterl18, ago in
Trump: Time to ‘take back’ the countryPhilip Ruckerand Robert Costa, Washington PostPosted:Sunday, J.

Donald Trump: Legalize ALL the Drugs
Daily Beast, on Mon, 03 Aug 2015 10:45:21 -0700
Future American President Donald J. Trump began his controversy-courting, Senator-doxxing presidential run, in part, by railing against the narcotics, crime, and rape that Mexico has apparently been sending our way. “When Mexico sends its people, they

Call Donald Trump's Cell Phone and Ask Him About His …
Last month, American reality show entertainer turned American political system entertainer Donald Trump publicized presidential rival Sen. Lindsey Graham's cell number, urging his supporters to “try it.” In the spirit of open …

The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life
Ivanka Trump, published 2009, 256 pages

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